Day 8

Today was action packed, starting with an exciting surf lesson. Even though there were a lot of wipeouts and slips, everyone had a lot of fun attempting to catch and ride the waves. We split up into groups of three with three instructors, first going through the basics on land, and then trying to execute it in the water.

After that, we had some free time to spend playing in the pool. We made our own sandwiches for lunch with basic ingredients like bread, turkey, cheese, pineapple and grape jam, and mayonnaise.

The rain from the night before had washed a lot of sediment into the river, preventing us from tubing. Instead, we went to a waterfall where we swam in it and sat underneath its spray. However, it was shallow water, and then a very, very, steep drop where it was too deep to stand. All of us swam out to the waterfall walking along the rocks and saving each other from sudden slips. Many of us were very hesitant to go in because of the cold water. In the end, even if we were cold, we had a good experience with tons of amazing moments.

Once we got out, we went down to the beach to do some souvenir shopping. There was a variety of homemade things, such as painted slices of wood, custom string bracelets, painted feathers, bottle openers, raw stones, rompers, blankets, Turkish towels, swimming suits, action figures, and much more.

After souvenir shopping, we went to have dinner, where all of us had either nachos, fish sticks, or chicken quesadillas.

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